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Thaheem Construction An ISO Certified Company

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CEO Message

Growing companies keep their past in mind and aspire to achieve unprecedented milestones in their future. We at Thaheem Group of Companies work on the same principals of ethics that were the root of our establishment. Since our beginnings, we are committed to providing personal and professional services in a responsive, high-quality manner. And we still abide by these core values.

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+92 42-35854938

Construction Company In Lahore

Thaheem Construction Company is Proud to Provide All type of Quality Construction Services Since 1991.




  • We Retained Our Clients with Reliable & Quality Construction
  • Honesty & Integrity Is Our Benchmark
  • Consistent & Proactive Approach Towards Our Goals

Thaheem Construction Company is a one-stop answer to diversified construction services. The company saw its first light in 1991 and now it can be proudly seen as an entity that has been providing services day and night to all its valued clients across the country.

Thaheem Construction Company is prideful of its diligent staff which is now in hundreds. The company has a unique state-of-the-art communication system among its diversified members that is technology-based, at the same time, maintaining a human touch. The management is in constant search of new avenues while upholding a cordial relationship with every staff member to provide a chance of growth to every individual. This professional relationship has always ensured the desired competitiveness to react constructively to every challenge in the field and in the meeting rooms.


  • Quality Construction Services
  • Mix Concrete Services
  • Precast & Concrete Services

Geographical, geotechnical and seismic settings – there is no region around the country where we don’t have our valued & satisfied clients. Our projects range from commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, textile, flour mills, power/energy, health, agricultural to educational – you name it and our stamp is there.

Our expertise in operations is not just limited to construction but we also offer building, sanitary structures, shell structures, machine foundations, infrastructure and many more.

Since we believe in having satisfied clients, therefore, our projects are also clients-needs and demands based. Construction-only or design-only projects are offered at very competitive rates.

Thaheem Construction Company guarantee a satisfying experience!


  • Construction Design Reviews
  • Contract Review and Negotiations
  • Cost Estimating & Evaluations

You can trust us in every detail. In order to ensure the best possible outcome of your construction project, you need a team of professional who know what they are doing in every step of the plan. Our highly experienced construction consulting professionals offer focused attention to details, effective leadership and a reliable partnership on which you can trust throughout the life of your construction project.


  • Building Construction Contractors
  • Reliable Service
  • Quality Work

With over 28 years of experience as a contractor Thaheem group of companies feel proud in its exceptional quality work of construction projects all over Pakistan.


  • Health Care Buildings Architecture
  • Educational Buildings Architecture
  • High Rise Buildings Architecture

Thaheem Group of Companies had initially started with a handful of architects to provide services in the architecture and planning sector. We have emerged as one of the most reliable and reputed architecture & planning consultancy providers in Pakistan.


  • Industrial Buildings Planning
  • Residential Buildings Planning
  • Office/Commercial Buildings Planning

Our success lies in the continuous efforts of our management and staff in the field of planning and development. We are dedicated towards professionalism and committed to satisfy our clients. This approach towards work has earned Thaheem Group of Companies a forerunner in planning and development sector.

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Contact Us

100-Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town Lahore, 54700, Pakistan.

+92 42-35854938