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HSE Policy

Importance of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) aspects and their proper management for a company actively engaged in professional engineering and construction business cannot be over-emphasized. Thaheem Construction management is aware of its corporate obligations to ensure the Health, Safety and Environment issues are duly addressed at its construction sites spread throughout the country.
Thaheem construction is committed to ensure due protection of the public, the workers and all properties as well as the environment in which they live. The company looks forward to see that all necessary measures are taken for running and completion of all operations without any injuries to the people or damages to the equipment or the environment.
It is inevitable that all concerned from the top management to the junior members of Thaheem Construction team feel responsible and accountable for HSE issues and all applicable laws and industry standards are adhered to in letter and spirit. It is also necessary that HSE aspects of the company,s equipment and services are regularly assessed and evaluated and the management practices in this respect keep on continuously improving.
We Pray to Allah SWT that enables us to integrate our HSE objectives into all our management systems so that we may achieve higher objectives by minimizing risks and enhancing benefits to our people, public and the environment.

Manzoor Ahmed Khan

Cheif Executive

Thaheem Construction Company