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Thaheem Construction Pvt Ltd

Quality Construction services in Lahore Pakistan

Thaheem Construction Pvt Ltd is the subsidiary of Thaheem Construction Company. It is offering construction services all over Pakistan hills and mountainous terrains.  After successfully completing a variety of several construction projects we are confident to say that we deliver matchless quality construction service at affordable rates.

  • We Retained Our Clients with Reliable & Quality Construction
  • Honesty & Integrity Is Our Benchmark
  • Consistent & Proactive Approach Towards Our Goals

Thaheem Construction Pvt Ltd is a one-stop answer to diversified construction services. The company saw its first light in 2020  and now it can be proudly seen as an entity that has been providing services day and night to all its valued clients across the country.

Thaheem Construction Pvt Ltd is prideful of its diligent staff which is now in hundreds. The company has a unique state-of-the-art communication system among its diversified members that is technology-based, at the same time, maintaining a human touch. The management is in constant search of new avenues while upholding a cordial relationship with every staff member to provide a chance of growth to every individual. This professional relationship has always ensured the desired competitiveness to react constructively to every challenge in the field and in the meeting rooms.Thaheem, construction Pvt Ltd had completed many projects such as high rise buildings,school and college buildings,power plants,cement industries,rice and flour mills,textile and stitching units etc.