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    We at Thaheem Mix Concrete Company are the market leaders in supplying and mixing concrete for domestic and commercials requirements. We deliver the finest quality mix and concrete on the construction sites to make sure that you get the best service in return of your payment. We can fulfill any kind of your concrete requirement starting from flooring to foundations. We have all the necessary equipment and experience to satisfy your needs.

    Our staff is highly qualified, well trained and have years of working experience. We have earned a reputation of a reliable and affordable choice in construction projects. Our equipment is up to date such as volumetric mixing plant and transit mixers which we use to attend a large variety of construction locations easily and quickly.


    Thaheem Mix Concrete focuses to excel more than our clients expectations in delivering superior service in time and budget. Our experienced team combined with latest technology equipment, go to the extra mile in delivering quality mix concrete product while taking care of environmental and safety needs.

    Every Thaheem Mix Concrete plant uses state of the art automation technology to ensure consistency with quality in our concrete mixes. Our quality assurance staff monitors the mixes.

    Why Choose Us

    • Reduce material wastage
    • Low labor cost
    • Reducing storage cost
    • Ensure quality
    • Environment friendly
    • 24/7 available service
    • Measurement guarantee
    • Professional team