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CEO Message


Growing companies keep their past in mind and aspire to achieve unprecedented milestones in their future. We at Thaheem Group of Companies work on the same principals of ethics that were the root of our establishment. Since our beginnings, we are committed to providing personal and professional services in a responsive, high-quality manner. And we still abide by these core values. Our interactions with our employees, Customers, suppliers and members bespoke volumes of our high standards. The business model of Thaheem Group of Companies to ensures our core disciplines in delivering effective Construction solution in our targeted market areas.

Thaheem Group of companies have invested a great deal in its workforce. Our staff and members are the backbone and pride of our establishment. Working together in a very productive environment we have completed many daunting projects including

The list is just a mere glimpse of the diversity of construction projects that goes to our credit.

Our belief in putting the trust in our staff and faith in our valuable customers have proven to be the hallmark of our success stories. The mutual trustworthy relationship with our clients has ensured in the delivery of best services and reaching total solutions. On behalf of Thaheem Group of Companies like to extend our gratitude for continually showing their confidence in our expertise. We promise to continue and outperform our targets in providing quality and solutions.

Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Khan

Cheif Executive